Hsc project of evs commerce

Hsc project of evs commerce

Nawaf May 24, 12th Commerce 13 Comments. Students should adhere to the syllabus during their exam preparation. The Maharashtra State Board Syllabus For Class 12 includes various topics that are designed following the global standards of education.

The 20 marks are allotted for project preparation by Mumbai University. Any student can easily obtain these marks by properly completing the project in a given format.

Writing a detailed project in the above-given format can easily score you 20 marks for your project submission. Here are the topics for HSC projects list that you should check. The sample projects are also linked for your reference. Your email address will not be published.

Environment Education EVS

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Visit partnership firm and study the management of the firm and a report on it. A report on the procedure of registration of partnership firm under partnership act Preparation of financial statement with the help of journal subsidiary books of any partnership firm.December 23, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 0.

A natural disaster will cause loss of life or harm property and generally leaves some economic injury in its wake, the severity of that ….

hsc project of evs commerce

December 4, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 0. These laws have inherited existence through a series of legal disputes, and are formed by the results of these cases. During a few instances, some …. December 1, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 0. All organizations have a management composition that decides associations between the various ventures and also the associates, subdivides, and assigns roles, responsibilities, and control to ….

November 29, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 0. March 5, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 1. Company registration means that lawfully obtaining the right to try and do …. February 26, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 1. Entrepreneurship could be a continued perform instead of a ….

HSC Class 12 (SYJC) Commerce Environmental Studies (EVS) Coaching Classes in India

February 24, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 5. The common seal is the official signature of the corporate. It dies or seals on that. The name of the corporation is carved.

Organization of Commerce.The Environmental Education is one of the Compulsory subjects for all streams i. Moreover, there are separate books especially prepared for Class 11 th and Class 12 th to make it friendlier and practically applicable to students.

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Humans as an integral part of the environment Growth in human numbers over historical times Migrations of people Dispersion of human populations Rural and urban settlements Environment and health Gender and environment.

Tools of environmental management, efficiency of resource use, sustaining harvests, pollution control Concept of sustainable development Concept of sustainable consumption Ecological footprints International economic regimes, forces of globalisation International regimes of environmental regulation, Framework Convention on Climate Change, Law of Sea, Trans-boundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes, etc.

Growth of knowledge and human colonisation of new environments Growth of knowledge and use of newer resources Growth of knowledge, control of diseases and population growth Implications of intellectual property rights for environment Biotechnology, agriculture, health and environment Intellectual property rights over living organisms Traditional indigenous knowledge, its implication for environment.

Technological advances and ever accelerating pace of manufacture of artefacts Impact of agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture Impact of agrochemicals on environment Impact of industry, mining, transport Generation and provision of energy, water and other natural resources Impact of synthetic chemicals Life cycle analysis of: Newspaper, household consumables, house construction, transport, personal computer, cell phones, etc.

Sustainable and non-sustainable use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, such as water and minerals Changing patterns of land use and land cover Management of gaseous, solid, liquid and hazardous wastes Air, water fresh and marinesoil pollution — sources and consequences Noise and radiation pollution — sources and consequences Ozone layer depletion and its effect Greenhouse effect; global warming and climatic change and its effects Disasters - natural earthquakes, droughts, floods, cyclones, landslides and manmade technological and industrial ; their impact on the environment; prevention, control and mitigation Strategies for reducing pollution and improving the environment.

Sustainable and non-sustainable use of biological populations Sustainable agriculture Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms Deforestation, overgrazing, over fishing Concept and value of biodiversity Components of biodiversity — genes, species, and ecosystems Landscape ecology India as a mega diversity nation Economic potential of biodiversity Loss of biodiversity - threatened, endangered and extinct species Strategies for conservation of biodiversity — in situ and ex situ Mitigating the people-wildlife conflict.

Changing global patterns of energy and water consumption - from ancient to modern times Energy and water consumption and quality of life Rising demand for energy, and water, gap between demand and supply Indian context Conventional and non-conventional energy sources - potential Indian context and limitations of each source, methods of harnessing and environmental consequences of their use with special reference to Indian context Energy conservation - efficiency in production, transportation and utilisation of energy Planning and management of energy; future sources of energy - hydrogen, alcohol, fuel cells Enhancing efficiency of devices and optimising energy utilisation Modern Information Communication Technology Revolution and environment.To browse Academia.

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Maharashtra Board HSC Environmental Education Syllabus and Marks Allotment

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Project Report Submitted for the Degree of B. Project Faculty Guideunder whose guidance I have successfully completed this project and time spent with him had been a great learning experience. I think him constant encouragement, warm responses and for filling every gap with valuable ideas has made this project successful.

We are highly thankful to all of them for their help and encouragement. We wish to acknowledge our great debt to all of them whose ideas and contribution influenced me to complete the project work. This project report, which he is submitting is his genuine and original work to the best of my knowledge.

hsc project of evs commerce

I also declare that no chapter of this manuscript in completely or in part has been incorporated in this report from any earlier work done by others or by me. However, extracts of any literature which has been used for this report has been duly acknowledged providing details of such literature in this references.

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet or other computer network. Any brick and mortar store can become an e-commerce business by adding a virtual storefront with an online catalogue. In most cases, e-business refers exclusively to Internet businesses, but it may also refer to any business that uses Internet technology to improve productivity and profitability. E-business includes all aspects of running a business that sells goods and services, including marketing, earning and retaining customers, procurement, developing business partners and customer education.

In order to be successful, e-commerce and e- businesses must have quality storefronts that are simple to navigate and peruse, with accurate and thorough catalogue information. E- business became an extension of e-commerce to encompass all aspects of businesses that function online. E-business involves e-commerce, but e- Commerce does not cover all aspects of e-business. As an example, a wholesaler places an order from a company's website and after receiving the consignment, sells the end product to final customer who comes to buy the product at wholesaler's retail outlet.February 17, 12th CommerceEconomics 0.

It uses information about the income of the family to prepare a family budget.

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Firms, governments, Individuals, and other organizations use it to the precise strategic planning of activities or events in measurable terms. It should …. Hundreds of greater particular definitions of forest are used at some point in the world, incorporating elements such as tree density, tree height, and ecological function. In this project we discuss bird and animals damage the crops, ….

Most of the business farms are now monoculture in nature. This is in distinction to the …. This article is an overview of some of which fish are categorized. Although most fish species have probably been located and described, about new ones are nonetheless observed each and every year.

In this project we …. February 13, 11th CommerceEconomics 0. In this Project, we interview an entrepreneur named Falguni ….

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Both physical and biological features characterize it. A species habitat is those places where it can find a meal, sanctuary, security, and mates for reproduction.

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In this project, we discuss. Natural habitats …. It impacted every continent and used to be listed in through the World Economic Forum as one of the most significant global risks in terms of conceivable effect over the next decade. In this project, ….To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Students EVS ppt.

Gauri Jadhav. Supervisor Guide Principal MR. Deepak Khatawkar Mr. Deepak Khatawkar Mrs. Helen Anthony Mrs. We are very thankful to Principal and Management for encouragement and providing us all facilities to carryout this project. Howeverwaste is not something that should be discarded or disposed with no regard for future use.

This paper presents an overview of toxic substances present in e-waste, their potential environmental and human health impacts together with management strategies currently being used in certain countries. The key to success in terms of e-waste management is to develop eco-design devices, properly collect e-waste, recover and recycle material by safe methods, dispose of e-waste by suitable techniques, forbid the transfer of used electronic devices to developing countries, and raise awareness of the impact of e-waste.

No single tool is adequate but together they can complement each other to solve this issue. It can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly, through policy and practice. With rational and consistent waste management practices there is an opportunity to reap a range of benefits. Better social advantages can lead to new sources of employment and potentially lifting communities out of poverty especially in some of the developing poorer countries and cities.

Early humans simply dug a hole and buried their refuse and trash. This was an effective technique for these early people because their population was relatively small, and they did not produce as much garbage as modern humans do. Burying the trash helps to prevent bugs and rodents from becoming a nuisance and spreading diseases. While primitive humans produced very little waste, and that which was produced would biodegrade quickly, modern humans produce large amounts of waste, much of which is not biodegradable.

Additionally, many types of garbage may be damaging to the soil, ground water and surrounding habitat. Interview of local population where people give importance to waste management or segregation. Documentations collected from magazines.

Documentations collected from journal.

hsc project of evs commerce

Documentations collected from internet. Collection of newspaper articles for review and literature. Surfing various websites for collecting data in tabular for or graphical form for exact analysis on the topic. Collecting various information of waste management plans undertaken by the government. Collecting various information on the relevance on waste management i. How waste management is beneficial on various aspect of environment. Therefore the entire project is executed by following the above points.

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Dead animal Small animals : catsSame as above.February 17, 12th CommerceEconomics 0. It uses information about the income of the family to prepare a family budget.

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Firms, governments, Individuals, and other organizations use it to the precise strategic planning of activities or events in measurable terms. It should …. December 28, Economics12th Commerce 0.

E.V.S project topics (11th/12th)

A capital good maybe a sturdy smart that …. December 27, 12th CommerceSecretarial Practice 0. Modern computers have the flexibility to follow generalized sets of services, referred to as programs. These programs modify computers to perform an unusually wide selection of tasks. Then that land is reborn to a non-forest use. Deforestation will involve the conversion of forest land to farms, ranches, or urban use.

The foremost focused Deforestation happens in tropical rainforests. Concerning thirty-first of …. December 23, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 0. A natural disaster will cause loss of life or harm property and generally leaves some economic injury in its wake, the severity of that ….

December 4, 12th CommerceOrganization of Commerce 0. These laws have inherited existence through a series of legal disputes, and are formed by the results of these cases. During a few instances, some …. December 2, 12th CommerceSecretarial Practice 0. The debt ….