Bus body structure drawing

Bus body structure drawing

Regarding to the fuel consumption, the whole vehicle weight has a bigger impact on a city bus than a coach. Conducting CAE finite element analysis on the framework of whole vehicles, Yutong postdoctoral workstation has optimized the vehicle structure, re-selected the specification of profiles to cut the weight of vehicles without reducing the strength of vehicles, and developed the third generation city bus products with industry-leading level.

Possessing the reliable technical guarantee such as the electrocoating technique that makes buses more anti-corrosive and durable, and through advanc Adopting reliable raw materials and advanced technologies, and supported by engine thermal management system, TSM intelligent operation system and so on, Yutong products feature good fuel efficiency, durability and reliability, as well as excellent handling and convenient maintenance properties after rigorous verification.

The perfect blend of western style body, conspicuous color and humanized details makes the special school bus live up to its name. The dense skeleton structure and application of high-strength steels overtake the average level in the industry. After nearly ten times of experiments and design optimization, it provides children and school bus companies with a more considerate and upgraded protection.

Taking the travel needs of children into consideration, Yutong worked out the new school bus standard which combined the science, comfort and safety together, optimizing the riding and driving spa Yutong ZKBD airfield bus is a high-quality vehicle specially designed for the transportation of passengers on the airfield to meet their actual demands. The main products are RV and business purpose vehicle series, engineering and full aluminum vehicle series, system integration series, medical vehicle series and so on.

Yutong has successively launched business purpose vehicles, recreational vehicles, blood collection vehicles, physical examination vehicles, ambulances, engineering vehicles, airfield buses, aluminum-body city buses, learner-driven vehicles, products display vehicles, mobile library vehicles, sightseeing bus and other products featuring high technical content, sophisticated product structure and reliable quality to meet the d At present, under the persistence of the nationwide struggle, the situation against the epidemic is becoming better and better.

With the continuous work resumption of enterprises in various places, the public transport companies are also resuming the operation of vehicles, and the public is returning to work step by step. As a leading company in the On June 18th, Yutong held a ceremony for the delivery of buses to Uzbekistan. We are incredibly proud of our Yutong TC12 bus.

This It can also be fitted with 53 seats. Send us a private message for pricing information. Source: SkeltonCoaches. For more information, send us a private message.

The L4 autonomous driving bus successfully completed its trial operation on the open bus route of the wisdom island. The Yutong L4 autonomous driving bus is equipped with intelligent interaction, autonomous cruising and road coordination functions which make up the key points for autonomous driving. Yutong officially entered the African market in Yutong has set up a comprehensive sales and service network in nearly 50 African countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc.

In Latin America, Yutong has totally exported more than 22, buses and coaches. On the basis of ensuring product quality and overseas services and after a long-term strategic layout, Yutong obtained the WVTA certification of EU, and officially entered the European market in The sales performance has seen a fast growing since So far, Yutong has delivered 4, buses and coaches to this area.What is Computer Bus: The electrically conducting path along which data is transmitted inside any digital electronic device.

Each wire carries just one bit, so the number of wires determines the largest data WORD the bus can transmit: a bus with eight wires can carry only 8-bit data words, and hence defines the device as an 8-bit device. A computer bus normally has a single word memory circuit called a LATCH attached to either end, which briefly stores the word being transmitted and ensures that each bit has settled to its intended state before its value is transmitted. The Computer bus helps the various parts of the PC communicate.

If there was no bus, you would have an unwieldy number of wires connecting every part to every other part. It would be like having separate wiring for every light bulb and socket in your house.

bus body structure drawing

Types of Computer Bus There are a variety of buses found inside the computer. A ddress Bus : The address bus carries information about the location of data in memory. C ontrol Bus : The control bus carries the control signals that make sure everything is flowing smoothly from place to place. E xpansion Bus: If your computer has expansion slots, there's an expansion bus.

Messages and information pass between your computer and the add-in boards you plug in over the expansion bus. Although this is a bit confusing, these different buses are sometimes together called simply "the bus.

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There are different sizes, or widths of data buses found in computers today. A data bus' width is measured by the number of bits that can travel on it at once.

One way to make a bus faster is to increase its width; for example a bit bus can transmit two 8-bit words at once, 'side-by-side', and so carries 8-bit data twice as fast as an 8-bit bus can.

A computer's CPU will typically contain several buses, often of differing widths, that connect its various subunits. It is common for modern CPUs to use on-chip buses that are wider than the bus they use to communicate with external devices such as memory, and the speed difference between on- and off-chip operations must then be bridged by keeping a reservoir of temporary data in a CACHE.

For example many of the Pentium class of processors use bits for their fastest on-chip buses, but only 64 bits for external links. An 8-bit bus carries data along 8 parallel lines. The speed at which buses conduct signals is measured in megahertz Mhz. Typical PCs today run at speeds between 20 and 65Mhz. How Does Computer Bus Work?What is bus advertising?

The definition of bus advertising is advertising displays placed on the inside and outside of city buses, which include partial and full wraps. Get bus advertising and bus stop advertising in over cities with a single bus advertising company. For organizations interested in city bus advertising or bus stop advertising, municipal public bus advertising rental space, by a local and national bus advertising agency, is an excellent idea. Bus advertising effectiveness includes the great visibility afforded by low public bus ads costs, statistics show.

Posting bus ad displays on the outside and inside of city bus lines -- or on bus shelter advertising displays -- produces high impressions at a low CPM. Similarly, double decker bus advertising i. City bus advertisements and ad on bus options are available almost everywhere.

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And advertising on bus media with a municipal or city bus wrap advertisement, or a double decker bus advertisement, is available in several formats. The cost of advertising on a city bus with bus signs or bus wraps is competitive when compared to other ad formats. In fact, many researchers find that the advertising on buses cost for a bus poster or a bus shelter ad -- sometimes referred to as bus station advertising or bus stand advertising is the least costly of all researched media formats.

Also inquire about Megabus with on onboard screens to deliver targeted campaigns to a captive audience at a national, regional or local scale. Megabus has over six million passengers per year spending approximately 21 million captive hours onboard.

The Rates section, below, will answer the commonly-asked questions of How much are bus advertising prices and rates?

bus body structure drawing

Solarity Credit Union advertised on the full side of city buses to make a huge a creative splash. The ads are large, colorful and bright and attracted attention everywhere they went.

The creative imitated the side of a house on the side of the bus, using the bus windows and doors to imitate the same on a house. For more specific pricing: Get Free Quote. Government and nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive a discount on bus advertisement rates. See below for the estimated number of times a bus ad is seen i.Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly.

DOI: The objective of this work is to analyze and optimize a bus frame structure using Finite Element Method in dynamic conditions. The bus body geometry was obtained directly from the three-dimensional Computer-Aided Design files. The optimization was conducted to determine the minimum weight of the bus frame structure without violating the specified natural frequency constraints. The design variable is the thickness of the bus body frame. View PDF. Save to Library.

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Electric commercial vehicles: Practical perspectives and future research directions Dimitris MargaritisAfroditi K. Stress sensitivity analysis and optimization of automobile body frame consisting of rectangular tubes Wenwu ZuoJeahyeong YuKazuya Saitou Engineering RathoreKaushal SharmaAmit Sarda Lightweight design of vehicle body- a contribution toward greener environment Giovanni Belingardi Engineering BoadaBeatriz L.

Boada Mathematics Related Papers.But have you considered what is inside the walls of your RV? So, when it comes to RV construction, what are your options and which is best? There are two main forms of construction that RV manufacturers use. Both have pros and cons and an obvious cost difference.

But is the savings worth the potential headache down the road? Is there even a worry about a headache down the road? If your RV is built correctly, there should be no reason that any moisture gets into the wood frame causing these nightmarish problems.

While this makes RVs lighter and thus they use less fuel, there are some draw backs. This results in blistering of the outside skin. However, strides in the construction of laminate are being made every day to continue to improve its construction against the problem of de-lamination. As you head off to the dealerships, how do you quickly spot the difference between an RV with a wood frame and one with an aluminum one?

A great example of this type of trailer is the Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer. The aluminum frame campers also have a unique look. You can spot one by its sleek looking, flat side panels. Armed with all of this information, which construction do you choose?

The main point when it comes to construction is doing your due diligence when you pick a manufacturer or brand. Reputation and standards of the builder of your RV is most important when it comes to construction. Speak with owners that already have your choice of RV and ask what problems they may or may not have had and more importantly how their problems were handled.

Another deciding factor for choosing between material is towing weight. If you already have a vehicle you are looking to use to tow your new camper, make sure whichever route you choose is compatible.

Wood and aluminum can both provide you and your family with an RV you will enjoy for years to come. The process is a newer technology and has the ability to be constructed without human interaction. It all starts with a stellar shopping experience! You want one that has the right construction for your style of road tripping so that you and your family are as comfortable as possible, no matter what the road throws at you.

Need a good place to start? Choose which type or brand you are looking for and explore your choices!

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In addition to her love for the great outdoors and everything RVing, her passions include family, music, and sports. Some great questions to ask would be: What did the RV manufacturer do to keep water from penetrating a wall or roof?

Did they use staples, screws, or both? Wood framing offers insulation and the ability to flex as needed and return to its original configuration continually over time. Aluminum tends to be lighter weight and the fiberglass sidewall is more durable, easier to keep clean and less susceptible to dents.

Great example of a wood frame design — the Jayco Jay Flight. A beautiful example of aluminum structure — the Grand Design Imagine. Pin Share 6.

bus body structure drawing

Shares Interview with Dmitriy Samal. A hi-res, detailed 3D model of a Mitsubishi Evolution X, including the interior. Modeled in Autodesk Maya. A free model of a Audi S4 sedan, originally created with Sketchup 8 and then converted to all other 3D formats. We respect your email privacy. Software 2D Tut. From the Archive Interview with Dmitriy Samal. Car Design Schools A selection of well-known design schools from around the world that offer Courses in Transportation Design.

Monthly Archive. Database Google Search. Lamborghini Aventador LP free 3D model. Chevrolet Corvette free low-poly 43D model. Audi R8 free SolidWorks 3D model. Mitsubishi Evolution X free 3D model. Alfa Romeo Brera free 3D model. Lamborghini Aventador free 3D model. Polygon count:Renault Megane 3 RS free 3D model. Lamborghini Murcielago LP free 3D model. ISO Grifo free 3D model. A polygonal model of a Iso Grifo sportscar. Requires free registration. FSO Warszawa free 3D model. Hummer H3 free 3D model.

Get all the updates with our weekly newsletter! Latest Design Jobs. More Design JobsToggle navigation Menu. Home Dictionary Tags Hardware Microprocessors. System Bus Last Updated: March 24, Definition - What does System Bus mean? The system bus is a pathway composed of cables and connectors used to carry data between a computer microprocessor and the main memory.

The bus provides a communication path for the data and control signals moving between the major components of the computer system. The system bus works by combining the functions of the three main buses: namely, the data, address and control buses.

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Each of the three buses has its separate characteristics and responsibilities. Other buses, such as the IO buses, branch off from the system bus to provide a communication channel between the CPU and the other peripherals.

The system bus combines the functions of the three main buses, which are as follows: The control bus carries the control, timing and coordination signals to manage the various functions across the system.

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The address bus is used to specify memory locations for the data being transferred. The data bus, which is a bidirectional path, carries the actual data between the processor, the memory and the peripherals. The design of the system bus varies from system to system and can be specific to a particular computer design or may be based on an industry standard. One advantage of using the industry standard is the ease of upgrading the computer using standard components such as the memory and IO devices from independent manufacturers.

System bus characteristics are dependent on the needs of the processor, the speed, and the word length of the data and instructions.

The Ultimate Guide to RV Construction — Which Materials are Best?

The size of a bus, also known as its width, determines how much data can be transferred at a time and indicates the number of available wires. A bit bus, for example, refers to 32 parallel wires or connectors that can simultaneously transmit 32 bits.

bus body structure drawing

The design and dimensions of the system bus are based on the specific processor technology of the motherboard. This, in effect, affects the speed of the motherboard, with faster system buses requiring that the other components on the system be equally fast for the best performance. Share this:. Related Terms. Related Articles. Related Tutorials. What is the difference between little endian and big endian data formats?

How can a hard drive be erased securely? What is the difference between vMotion, VM migration and live migration? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Related Tags. Hardware Microprocessors Motherboards Buses. Machine Learning and Why It Matters:.

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